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Minecraft Dungeons Best Builds List



Minecraft Dungeons Best Builds List:  There are plenty of models available in Minecraft Dungeons However, not all of them are the most efficient. A good build will alter the way you feel about the game. 

When you have found the ideal design you like, you can try them out on the various games’ challenges. In this guide, we will take a quick look at the top 10 top builds that can use to play Minecraft Dungeons.

Best Builds List to Use in Minecraft Dungeons

Here are a few of the most effective builds you can build to play this video game.

  • Soul Builds
  • Speed Builds
  • Bulky/Tank Builds
  • High Damage Builds

Let’s take a look at them all. Below, I’ll list all the top weapons, armor, and artifacts to build the models.

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Soul Builds

Soul builds are focused on regaining the souls of enemies you take out. Then, you can utilize the souls to perform various effects. For example, if you own the Soul Healer Artifact, you can help the injured member the most. If you happen to be the most damaged, you can recover yourself. Here are some of the most potent soul-building exercises.

  • The first construction
    • Melee Weapon: Soul Fists
    • Ranged Weapon: Nocturnal Bow
    • Armor: Soul Robe
    • Artifact: Soul Healer
  • Second construction
    • Melee Weapon: Soul Fists
    • Ranged Weapon: Voidcaller
    • Armor: Archer’s Armor
    • Artifact: Harvester

Speed – Best Builds for Minecraft Dungeons

When creating a speed build, you must focus on tools to increase your character’s attack or movement speed. For instance, Boots of Swiftness increases your rate for a short time. Here are two examples of it.

  • The first construction
    • Melee Weapon: Moon Daggers
    • Ranged Weapon: Dual Crossbows
    • Armor: Soul Robe
    • Artifact: Boots of Swiftness
  • Second design
    • Melee Weapon: Tempest Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Auto Crossbow
    • Armor: Evocation Robe
    • Artifact: Death Cap Mushroom

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Bulky/Tank Builds

As the name implies, the builds are designed to make you heavy or bulky. Unfortunately, it means you’ll be more vulnerable to damage before you go down. The goal is to test the equipment that provides the best damage reduction and negation of hits. Here are some of the best equipment to choose from in your quest to become the tank.

  • The first construction
    • Melee Weapon: Whirlwind
    • Ranged Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
    • Armor: Stalwart Armor
    • Artifact: Iron Hide Amulet
  • Second construction
    • Melee Weapon: Maulers
    • Ranged Weapon: Power Bow
    • Armor: Full Metal Armor
    • Artifact: Iron Hide Amulet

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High Damage Builds

Significant damage builds permit you to do massive amounts of damage to opponents. The focus of the equipment is to give you an increase in damage. These are the top high-end designs.

  • The first construction
    • Melee Weapon: Resolute Tempest Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Wind Bow
    • Armor: Splendid Robe
    • Artifact: Corrupted Beacon
  • Second construction
    • Melee Weapon: Chill Gale Knife
    • Ranged Weapon: Echo of the Valley
    • Armor: Cave Crawler
    • Artifact: Corrupted Seeds

This list includes the top builds to play with for Minecraft Dungeons if you enjoy this game, head over to the Minecraft Dungeons section to get additional information on other subjects.


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