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Final Fantasy 14 has released patch notes for version 6.58



Final Fantasy 14 has released patch notes for version 6.58

Patch 6.58 is a big update for Final Fantasy 14. It brings new adventures for both experienced players and beginners, new dungeons, and stories that will change the game. 

Players are excited to read the patch notes, find secrets, and plan for the tough tasks ahead.

Highlights of Patch 6.58

Patch 6.58 brings forth a plethora of noteworthy changes that are poised to revitalize the Final Fantasy 14 landscape:

Job Action Adjustments in PVP

Patch 6.58 makes essential changes to job actions in player-versus-player combat to improve balance. The Paladin now has less defense but more offense. 

The Dancer’s Honing Ovation is now less potent with Acclaim stacks, adding strategy to the job’s gameplay.

Faster Rewards in Raids

Patch 6.58 makes it easier for raid fans to get rewards quickly from the Thaleia alliance raid and The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme) trial. Weekly limits on essential resources have been removed, and drop rates have been improved. 

This means players can gear up faster and be better prepared to face tough challenges with more energy and strength.

Xbox-Specific Currency Changes

Final Fantasy 14 is coming to Xbox Series X S soon. Patch 6.58 will change the in-game currency for Xbox players. 

They will use FFXIV Coins to buy things on the Mog Station and Online Store. This will make it easier for Xbox players to pay for items and play in the world of Eorzea.

Preparing for the Dawntrail Expansion

Patch 6.58 is the last update before the Dawntrail expansion. It prepares players for new adventures in unexplored areas. 

The update fixes bugs, improves systems, and refines gameplay. Players can now confidently enjoy their final quests, as the update enhances their experiences based on years of development and feedback.

Technical Enhancements and Resolutions

Patch 6.58 makes gameplay changes and fixes technical issues to improve player experience. It stops supporting 32-bit systems and DirectX9 clients. 

The update also fixes gameplay problems and tooltip errors to make sure Final Fantasy 14 runs smoothly.


Patch 6.58 supports the upcoming Dawntrail expansion in Eorzea and showcases the hard work of the Final Fantasy 14 team. This update brings gameplay improvements, technical enhancements, and optimizations for Xbox players. 

Get ready for new adventures and camaraderie in Final Fantasy 14 with this latest chapter.

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