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Apex Legends has made a significant change to the Inner Beast Collection Event



Apex Legends has made a significant change to the Inner Beast Collection Event

Experienced players are getting ready to take on the new version of the event. People are guessing about what these changes will bring. 

Will there be new game modes, rewards, or a different storyline that could change the Apex universe? Players are excited and tense, knowing they are in for an exciting ride. 

Legends, get ready for some wild times ahead.

The Evolution of The Hunt Mode

The Hunt mode was first introduced as Takeover during the Inner Beast Collection Event. It got mixed reactions from the community. 

Some players liked the bounty idea, while others didn’t. They said it led to more third-party fights and moved away from the main Apex Legends feel. 

Respawn Entertainment, known for listening to players, quickly made changes. They turned The Hunt into a Limited Time Mode (LTM).

Transition from Takeover to LTM

This change is essential in the Inner Beast Collection Event because it lets players choose between regular Trios and Duos matches, bringing back the usual gameplay. 

The Hunt is now in a separate playlist, which helps make players happy and keeps the event interesting.

Community Reception and Criticisms

The event features new character skins and Octane’s Prototype heirloom. Some Apex Legends players are not happy. They say the new cosmetics are not original but just recolored versions of old skins. 

Also, no new Legend is getting an heirloom, which disappoints some fans.

The Developer’s Response to Feedback

Respawn Entertainment listens to players and makes changes to create a fun and welcoming gaming environment. They recently adjusted The Hunt mode, showing they care about player opinions. 

They have also made changes to the Wingman gun and different Legends in the past.

Looking Ahead

The Inner Beast Collection Event is happening now. Respawn Entertainment listens to player feedback, which is a good sign for future events. 

The rest of Season 20 will bring more fun and stuff for players. It will be interesting to see how player feedback influences the game.