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Apex Legends Player Caught Questioning End Zone



Apex Legends Player Caught Questioning End Zone

Apex Legends Player Caught Questioning End Zone: Even when the problems are so severe that some players consider going on strike and suspending their play in protest. Unity among Apex Legends gamers may be a bit of an exception.

Fortunately, the opportunity to tell someone else that they aren’t nearly good enough at video games is what may unite a herd of angry players.

In a recent Reddit discussion, a player’s protest about caught off guard by an end zone did not go down well.

Flame Poor Stuck Fellow Apex Players

Wisperino345 started this topic by posting a picture of an end zone with some impassable pebbles. In the Apex Legends subreddit with the remark, “why is this end zone allowed?”

Others who commented on this thread insisted that the issue was with the player rather than the map’s design. User raulcamarena65 responded, saying: “To test players’ match strategy.

Apex Legends Player Caught Questioning End Zone

Either you go forward and seek a position to benefit. Or you lag behind looting or engaging in combat to suffer the consequences.

Others shared this opinion, with users MrPheeney and jmyersjlm noting that when the zone you are now in appeared initially. You should have known it wouldn’t terminate on that side of the mountain and should have prepared appropriately.

Some people, thankfully, we’re a little less harsh in their criticisms. For example, Cazirus said: “That’s a ring you learn with time because after adjusting it (ring needs to be at least 50% on the playable area, I suppose). That ring constantly pushes towards the southwest.”

In that specific end zone, user Ka-mui shared a tale of conquering the obstacles, saying: “I enjoy it. We won a game there where there was a considerable conflict with Mexico. Just be sure you are there on time or a little early.

Others appeared to imply that character choice might affect how frequently you are to find yourself in a difficult situation. With Valkyrie providing a way to escape the results of your poor decisions.

To join a match, avoid take off guard, and stay tuned to our page for more information about Apex Legends Season 13, which began in May.