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Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Guide and Tips to Be a Pro



Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Guide

Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Guide and Tips to Be a Pro.

In our Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Guide, we’ll talk about the character, his abilities, and some helpful tips and tricks.

Lifeline is a supporting character and as such is not played as often. But everyone wants support on their team, they just don’t want to play the part themselves. So if you are one of the few players who enjoy playing support, then you can perform quite well if you play Lifeline.

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Apex Legends Character Overview

In Apex Legends Mobile, Lifeline is not the most powerful character in the game. She relies heavily on her passive ability which allows her to deploy an invulnerable shield in front of her downed comrades as she revives. On top of that, your drone can revive your teammates, which means you can defend while picking up your teammate. Lifeline can be quite impressive if someone knows how to do the right moves.

Lifeline strengths and weaknesses

As the character’s name suggests, all of his abilities revolve around healing and equipping. In Apex Legends Mobile, Lifeline is a supporting character, but it’s important to note that her abilities benefit both her teammates and herself.


  • Lifeline can use her DOC drone to revive a hit teammate, meaning she is free to move and defend against enemies during this time. It is a unique ability, and no other legend has something similar.
  • You can revive not just one teammate, but two teammates at the same time using the drone.
  • His maxim is the most useful skill in the game. Provide the team with excellent loot throughout the game.


  • She has no movement skills.
  • His skills are useless in a 1v1 fight.

Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Skill Guide

Like all other characters, Lifeline comes with three abilities: passive, tactical, and ultimate. All of her skills also revolve around the supporting role. Let’s learn more about their abilities.

  • Passive: Revive In Combat – His passive allows him to revive downed teammates using the DOC that not only deploys a shield around for protection but leaves you free to defend yourself.
  • Tactical: DOC Heal Drone – Lifeline’s tactical ability allows her to heal her teammates and herself when they are next to the drone.
  • Ultimate: Care Package – Lifeline can summon a launch pod filled with high-quality defensive gear using the ultimate ability
Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline Guide

Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline skill tips and tricks

  • Stay close to your teammates when your drone revives them
  • Try teasing the golden backpack with Lifeline as it will give your revived partner extra health and shields.
  • If you are low on shield and health, open up your tactic and start using the shield battery. In this way, both your health and your shield will increase, and you will be ready to get back into action quickly.
  • Note that your drone can also heal enemies if they get close. So use it accordingly
  • You cannot use a drone to survive outside the ring.
  • Be careful when using your ultimate; nearby enemies will know about your location when the capsule lands
  • Help packages can be used as cover; you can even climb to the top. So next time I call you maybe think of a better location

How to play Apex Legends Lifeline?

Ask your team to supply you with all the Ultimate Boosters they get, so you can order a gear pack, which will give you quite a bit of loot. You should also collect all the accelerators that you find on your way and use them frequently.

As a Lifeline player, you should always be on the lookout for an opportunity to use your skills. If your teammate has been downed, your priority as a healer should be to revive him. Also, as a support player, you should never be the first to be knocked down on the team, so stay behind your teammates.

Finally, a piece of general advice. Don’t be greedy for the loot from the aid package. Share them with your teammates. Just because you can apply for the support package does not mean that it belongs to you.

Lifeline character poster in Apex Legends Mobile

That’s it for our Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline guide. For more similar guides, tips and tricks, stay tuned to us.

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How to deal damage from inside a vehicle in Fortnite?



deal damage from inside a vehicle in Fortnite

How to deal damage from inside a vehicle in Fortnite? If you are looking for the answer, then please read the article. Begin with week eight of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3, in full swing. 

In contrast, the game is ready to tackle the latest batch of map challenges. 

Epic added vehicles to the game, and now we can enjoy some fun. However, one of the challenges involves players hopping around the map from car to vehicle fight. 

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How to deal damage from inside a vehicle in Fortnite?

In the beginning, you’ll need to be a part of the Duos (or Squad game. It’s because you aren’t able to shoot and drive. Similar to boats and Choppas, cars require an experienced driver to steer the vehicle. 

If you’re in a different seat, you’ll be able to shoot away quickly. The latest challenge requires you to deal with 10,000 damages from within vehicles. 

Furthermore, cars are not useable for Team Rumble, which means that it’s no longer an option.


In Choppas, as long as you’re not on the skids, you can shoot your guns as usual. Moreover, you can throw whatever you have, like grenades and gas bombs. The pilot could also hurt individuals with the blades of the rotor.

Choppas aren’t that difficult to master. So long as you’re in the skids of your vehicle, you can use the gun and throw things such as explosives as usual. You can also take out enemies using the rotor blades. 

It’s easy to invite your players to jump into the Choppa and make 10,000 points of damage to complete the game.


In Fortnite, the boat’s driver can cause damage to the rockets. Also, the rest of the crew has the option of shooting their guns from inside the boat. 

However, it makes an excellent option for those who are part of the team taking on this challenge.


The most effective method to fulfill this is to get into the car’s seat and then hang on the outside of the vehicle. Usually, those players who are not driving the car can take advantage of this method and shoot from there. 

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That’s our guide to this particular test. If you’re here, you may like to read our guide on where to find the latest gold XP Coins for Week 8.

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How do you get the Butterfly Knife in Valorant

Butterfly Knife in Valorant: Riot Games announced the release of its Recon Skin Bundle last week. The Riot Games butterfly knife is a popular choice and is now available from Valorant.

Generally, the developers designed the Recon Pack to add a sense of realism to the game. It has content similar to CS: GO and Battlefield.

Since its launch last week, Butterfly Knife has been a significant focus of the new skin pack. Here’s how to do it. Also, read King Legacy Redeem Codes for August 2021.

The new Butterfly Knife is available as part of the Recon Skin pack at Valorant. This pack includes the Balisong (Butterfly Knife Melee).

  • Price level
  • PE (Premium Edition)
  • Bundle Information – Price: 7,100 PV
  • Included:
  • Ghost
  • Balisong (butterfly melee knife).
  • Ghost
  • Spectrum
  • guardian

The Balisong can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle for 7,100 PV.

Butterfly Knife in Valorant

Here’s how to buy the Valorant butterfly knife:

  1. First, start Valorant with the desktop application and log in with your Riot Games account.
  2. Then, you can find the Recon Pack banner in the Valorant Store.
  3. Now, click on 7100VP to purchase the complete Recon package.
  4. Click on 3550VP to make an individual purchase of Recon Balisong / Butterfly knives.

You will need to spend 10 Radianite points per variant to unlock all knife variations.

The Balisong comes in three versions as below:

Level 1 – Custom model

Level 2: custom audio and animations

Variant 1 – Red camouflage

Variant 2 – Blue camouflage

Variant 3 – Green Camouflage

In the statement, Sean Marino, Valorant’s Art Lead, created the new visual packages. He also said: “We set the goal for Valorant base guns to be identifiable and realistic and realistic. 

But there is a fine distinction between what we did for our weapons and them.

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