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Apex Legends players are unhappy with the 120Hz update for Season 20



Apex Legends players are unhappy with the 120Hz update for Season 20

Competitive gamers were excited when Respawn Entertainment announced a 120Hz update for Apex Legends Season 20. The update promised smoother gameplay and faster response times. 

However, as players started playing, they became disappointed. There were unexpected issues that could ruin the update’s reputation.

The Promise of 120Hz: Anticipation vs. Reality

120 frames per second (fps) is appealing because it makes gameplay smoother and more responsive. Console players were excited about possibly playing Apex Legends at this higher frame rate. 

People have been waiting for updates to take advantage of the improved hardware on Xbox Series X S and PS5 consoles. Previous updates focused on improving resolution, but introducing a dedicated 120Hz mode in Season 20 was a big step forward.

Dissecting Disappointment: Visual Quality Concerns

Many players are disappointed with the 120Hz Performance Mode. They have reported problems on social media, such as reduced visual quality and clarity, especially with faraway objects. 

These issues have raised valid concerns among the community. In a game where quick decisions are crucial, compromised visual clarity can significantly affect gameplay.

Aim Assist Controversy: A Shift in Precision

Performance Mode changed how aim assist works, which caused players to argue. The exact details of the changes are unknown, but it’s believed that they were made to balance the improved smoothness of gameplay at 120fps. 

This shows how developers must balance making the game work well on different devices.

Looking Ahead: Responding to Feedback

The Apex Legends community is trying the new Performance Mode in Season 20. People have mixed feelings about it, but it’s important to remember that the update has other things, too. 

One is the Straight Shot Limited-Time Mode, which players like because it adds something new to the game.

Conclusion: Bridging Expectations and Execution

Gaming constantly changes, and making players happy while dealing with technical limitations is hard. Apex Legends’ Season 20 update shows how difficult creating immersive games on new devices is. 

Respawn Entertainment must listen to players and improve to keep Apex Legends competitive.