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A Bad Run for an Elden Ring Player in Raya Lucaria Academy



A Bad Run for an Elden Ring Player in Raya Lucaria Academy:  Elden Ring has a vast open environment where players can explore the Lands Between at their leisure. The realm is vast, and the map grows as players travel through Elden Ring’s plot. Many players discover new places well after the credits, and some of these locations are carefully bury.

The Legacy Dungeons contain the maze-like level design that has become synonymous with FromSoftware. Despite the open-world focus, Elden Ring contains plenty of Dark Souls-style stages. In Raya Lucaria Academy, players can fight Rennala at the end of the level. Raya Lucaria Academy is also famed for its enormous ball trap and irritating adversaries.

A Bad Run for an Elden Ring Player in Raya Lucaria Academy

Idol kong, a Reddit user, shares humorous footage from Raya Lucaria Academy. Idol kong is a newbie to FromSoftware games, and the game takes an unexpected Dark Souls direction. The player is close to the level’s primary boss when approaching the ball trap region. They deftly escape the first giant ball but are caught off guard by the second.

The player panics and jumps over the balcony, but a Pendulum Statue captures them. With only a few health points remaining, idol kong appears to be able to flee. This humorously sends them off the platform, killing them. Several Elden Ring players have released recordings of their deaths, but it appeared idol kong might survive.

Users say this movie perfectly captures the Dark Souls experience. One gamer advises gamers to avoid grab actions by mashing the bumpers. Others are shocked, one claiming to have played Elden Ring for almost 200 hours without recognizing it.

Some people also mention the player’s low health and lack of Vigor points. Other gamers offer helpful tips in the comments area. Despite being new to the Dark Souls series, idol kong achieved tremendous progress in Elden Ring by reaching this area.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One.

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