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Where Is The Outer Moat In Elden Ring? (Map Location)



The Outer Moat In Elden Ring

The Outer Moat In Elden Ring:  In your The Dung Eater adventure in the Dung Eater quest, players find a message, “I’ll behead you in the next. Go to the moat that is outside.” Moats are the area that surrounds the castle or location where water is pumped in to protect the fortified place. 

Where is this Outer Moat in Elden Ring? Take these actions to reach the spot quickly and engage your opponent there.

Where is the Outer Moat in Elden Ring (Map Location Guide)

  • Start your map, and look for your way to the Altus Plateau central region.
  • Players must look out for the Outer Wall Battleground and mark the area south-east of it, near the tiny lake area. Here’s the exact place on the map you’ll need to visit.
  • Then summon the Torrent or the horse, and ride to the spot. Always beware of the dangers lurking on the way and stay away from falling injuries when you’re on your horse.
  • Once you have found an area with some water, take a while until the Dung Eater surrounds you. Now it’s time to prepare to fight. If you have a strong body, this fight should be simple.

What to do if the Dung Eater NPC is Not Spawning?

  • Be sure to speak with Blackguard Big Boggart regarding the Dung Eater and go through all options for dialogue.
  • Relax at a place of grace.
  • Talk with Blackguard again.
  • Following this, you’ll be invaded by Dung Eater. Keep in mind that this is mandatory for the Dung Eater to enter your home.

That’s all there is to know concerning Elden Ring. Outer Moat location in Elden Ring. Remember that there is a Giant Crab that could also be spawning alongside the opponent that you’re expecting to take on (at the same time). 

So be prepared to face that. After you have defeated the Dung Eater, you will be awarded the Sword of Milos, one of the most effective bleeding tools.

This is all we have for you. We’ve covered a lot of tricks and tips for the game. You can get them all from the Elden Ring guides section.