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Minecraft won’t have NFTs, claims Mojang.



Minecraft won't have NFTs

Minecraft won’t have NFTs: Mojang has clarified what they think of NFT integrations in Minecraft, saying that they “usually are not something we will support or enable.” A blog post intended to address some of the questions about the company’s impending policies on NFTs and blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology will not allow to incorporate into the Minecraft client and server apps. Mojang explicitly notes in the document.

Additionally, they made it clear that blockchain technology cannot utilize to turn Minecraft in-game content, such as worlds, skins, character goods, or other modifications, into a rare digital commodity.

The article also made it clear that employing NFT implementations connected to skin packs and Minecraft world files goes against the principles of inclusive creativity and cooperative play that Mojang has for Minecraft. Therefore, according to Mojang, blockchain technologies and NFTs connected to in-game content not allow.

The information will be a blow to current NFT and blockchain initiatives based on Minecraft‘s design, including NFT Worlds.

In NFT Worlds, “world owners may develop their own endless metaverse games or experiences for players or exclusive communities inside their worlds,” which is a “completely decentralized, fully configurable, community driven, play-to-earn gaming platform.”

Following the Mojang news, the platform issued a message on Twitter clarifying that they would not be terminating the project.

Instead, NFT Worlds intends to negotiate with both Microsoft and Mojang’s parent businesses.

The recent introduction of Final Fantasy NFTs by Square Enix after an original statement on January 1 of this year is in direct contrast to Mojang’s attitude. By adhering to the principles it has long established in its game, Mojang seems to be defying industry trends.