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Where can you find a pillager outpost in Minecraft?



find a pillager outpost in Minecraft

find a pillager outpost in Minecraft: Pillager Outposts are among the most deadly constructions in the upcoming Wild Update for Minecraft. They’re valuable for various purposes, but players should only take them on if they’re prepared to battle.

But before you can do any of that, you have to discover one in the first place. So, if you’re having trouble finding a Pillager Outpost in Minecraft, here’s how to do it.

In Minecraft, what are Pillager Outposts?

As previously stated, visiting a Pillager Outpost is beneficial for various reasons. First, they’re a massive camp full of enraged Pillagers to battle, and defeating one may net you multiple rewards. Including treasure and Ally Mobs.

They also include Pillager commanders, who, if slain, will provide your character the Bad Omen status effect, which may then utilize to initiate raids.

Pillager Outposts are challenging to come by.

If you want to discover a Pillager Outpost quickly and don’t mind using commands, enter “/locate pillager outpost,” and the coordinates of the closest one will show.

There isn’t a hard and fast method for finding them if you don’t want to use the cheat or if you’re playing survival mode. There are a few things to bear in mind, however.

Given that they always spawn near a town, a pillager outpost may spawn in any biome where a settlement can. However, there are two biomes where Pillager Outpost may be located where communities do not generate. The Peaks and Grove biomes may be found here.

The Plains and Desert biomes, in our experience, are the most incredible places to look for one. That’s because while you’re out exploring, you’ll be able to see the Pillager outpost’s enormous buildings from afar, and those two biomes both have big open expanses.

We wouldn’t advocate looking in the Taiga biomes for similar reasons since it’s tough to see through the greenery.

That’s all there is to it. We hope this information on discovering a pillager outpost in Minecraft was useful. We’ll make sure to update this article if we learn anything new.

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