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Best Minecraft bow enchantments



Best Minecraft bow enchantments

Best Minecraft bow enchantments: The lowly bow, formerly the only ranged weapon in Minecraft, is often surpassed in Power by tridents and crossbows in the current game. However, a well-crafted bow may still rank among the game’s top weapons.

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Infinite or Reparable?

When thinking about a Minecraft bow enchantment, you must decide whether to employ Infinity or Mending as your initial option. Unfortunately, both of these are incompatible since they are mutually exclusive.

Infinity indicates you need to carry one arrow; however, Mending means the bow may mend with expertise.

The trade-off arises when determining if you want to fire rapidly without thinking about arrows or whether you’re willing to take your time. Choose Infinity if rapid firing is more your style. On the other hand, a sniper should choose Mending.


In addition to these two primary enchantments, Flame is also available.

When attached to your bow, the unique enchantment called Flame causes any opponents struck by your arrows to take additional fire damage.

For lethal combat usage, we advise pairing it with Power and Infinity.


We would consider Power the next top enchantment for the bow after Infinity, Mending, and Flame. This is because Power makes your projections more damaging, making it beneficial to augment through enchanting. Additionally, you may stack it up to level five.


Punch is an enchantment you may use with your bow to significant effect. Punch will boost the knockback impact on people and creatures.

However, because Punch doesn’t affect giant creatures like the Warden, Wither, or Ender Dragon and makes it harder to strike mobs, we advise utilizing it only if you require the ability to knock things off of high places.