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Elden Ring Account Banned for 200 Hours for Using Hacked Item



Elden Ring Account Banned for 200 Hours for Using Hacked Item:  Elden Ring‘s buzz was huge, having won numerous most anticipated game awards and rocketing to the top of Steam’s wishlist. Elden Ring continues to dominate post-launch, being among Steam’s most-played games, with many players having beaten it at least once.

But it wasn’t always so, especially pre-launch. In January, a dangerous hacking method that might access gamers’ computers threaten by FromSoftware products, notably Dark Souls 3. The hack damaged previous titles and Elden Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Elden Ring Account Banned for 200 Hours for Using Hacked Item

While previously unavailable items data mine. A hacker recently acquired access to Elden Ring‘s empty colosseum sector. FromSoftware then turned to Easy Anti-Cheat for help, putting the mechanism within the game to prevent internet hacking. However, hackers have been able to mess with the game despite this.

The event resulted in a soft ban for Reddit user Ok-Communication7125, with a potential hard ban. Ok-Communication7125 picked up an item that another player dropped for them, which is common in online games to help beginner players gain levels or valuable gear. But Bandai Namco Entertainment unexpectedly soft banned Ok-Communication7125.

Bandai Namco Entertainment advised Ok-Communication7125 that they would lose a lot of progress no matter what they choose. Worse, Ok-Communication7125 given an ultimatum: delete 220 hours of progress or face a 180-day hard ban. Based on the title of Ok-post, Communication7125’s deleted all of their game files, which was probably the right decision given the half-year restriction.

The fact that Bandai Namco Entertainment responded to a gamer using an online tool they built is disturbing. Others said they never pick up goods from other players for fear of this happening. But it shouldn’t be a player’s fault. In previous FromSoftware games, item swapping was a healthy, community-driven activity that benefited newer players. Threatening hackers with extensive bans is a regressive attitude that might damage player collaboration and encourage hackers to keep manipulating the game.

PC, PS4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S now have Elden Ring.

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