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Samsung Pay is said to be incompatible with non-Samsung devices



Samsung Pay is said to be incompatible with non-Samsung devices

Unlike Apple’s digital payment system, which is exclusively available via the Apple Wallet app, Samsung Pay works on both Galaxy and non-Samsung handsets.

However, some customers now claim that getting into their Samsung Pay app on non-Samsung handsets is causing severe problems. Samsung Pay may be no more extend function on non-Galaxy handsets! The following are the specifics.

Samsung Doesn’t Pay for Non-Galaxy Devices Anymore?

Many consumers who used Samsung Pay on non-Samsung Android phones began to have problems with the platform. While most of them received an “ID not valid” problem while signing in to their accounts using the Samsung Pay app on their phones, some also had the same issue with their Galaxy Watch models, including the Galaxy Watch 4.

One user reported the issue on Samsung’s official forum. When they later brought their concerns to Samsung, the corporation answered, “the Samsung Pay use on other phones has been altered.” 

As a result, Samsung Pay is only available on approved Samsung phone models, and it is no longer available on other Android phones.”

Now, claiming that Samsung Pay would no longer be supported by other Android phones is a significant allegation since many people use the digital payment platform on non-Samsung phones. 

If Samsung had intended to stop supporting Samsung Pay on other Android smartphones, it would have announced it much sooner. As a result, we anticipate Samsung’s answer, which was relayed by the impacted user, to be a mistake. If this is true, however, Samsung will face heavy criticism and outrage from consumers.

The trustworthy source of Samsung Pay’s “invalid ID” problem has yet to be determined. It’s worth noting, though, that Samsung just introduced its new Samsung Wallet software for Galaxy handsets, including Samsung Pay functionality. 

According to the firm, users of Samsung Pay or Samsung Pass will be immediately moved to the new Samsung Wallet software on their Galaxy smartphones in the territories where it is presently accessible. 

As a result, the new migration technique might blame Samsung Pay problems on non-Samsung devices. However, nothing suggests it at the moment.

We anticipate that Samsung will formally address the problem and make the required changes in the future. So, if you’re having trouble with an “invalid ID” in Samsung Pay on a non-Samsung smartphone, we recommend you remain tuned for further information.