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Xiaomi is reportedly planning to introduce a new sub-brand



Xiaomi is reportedly planning to introduce a new sub-brand

Xiaomi largely depends on subsidiary brands like Redmi and Poco to appeal to customers. And according to a current source, the corporation may be getting ready to launch a new line of products or a sub-brand solely targeted at tech fans. Smartphones under the new sub-brand or series are said to launch with an almost stock version of Android.

According to The Mobile Indian, who cited sources, Xiaomi intends to release additional sub-brands or a whole new series. Although the magazine withheld the name of the planned sub-brand or series, it implied that it would be targeted at the community of tech enthusiasts.

According to the source, smartphones that debut under this supposed sub-brand or series would run stock Android with little changes and be powered by Qualcomm 700 series CPUs. In addition, the phones will also get four years of timely security fixes and three significant upgrades.

The phones are reportedly priced between Rs 15,000 and 25,000 ($188 and $313). It’s interesting to note that most Redmi and Poco phones fall within a similar price bracket. Additionally, it is said that the gadgets debuting under this new sub-brand or series would be produced in India.

According to the magazine, the more expensive handsets in the new sub-brand or series would have the Snapdragon 778 SoC, while the more affordable ones will use the Snapdragon 765 chipset.

According to a report quoting sources, Xiaomi is interested in the enthusiast smartphone market because it thinks of the generic transition of OnePlus.

And the decreasing popularity of Pixel smartphones in India has left a gap that may be filled by a new series of devices or sub-brand.

We advise you to take the information above with a grain of salt since Xiaomi has not verified any of the assertions made by the publication.