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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Sizes, Colors Hinted



Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Sizes Colors Hinted: The colors and sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series have leaked online. The tip also includes the names of the two watch models available during the launch.

According to a source, the wearable already see on the Samsung Health app. In addition, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is said to devoid of the famous rotating bezels and. Contrary to popular belief, will have a temperature sensor.

The Galaxy Watch 5 came in three color variants, but the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was only available in one.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Sizes Colors Hinted

On Twitter, tipster Ev (@evleaks) published a list of the color choices and sizes for Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro watches. According to the description, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be available in a single size. Which is enormous, and a single color choice, Black Titanium.

It’s also worth noting that the device dubb Project X. The Galaxy Watch 5, on the other hand, comes in two sizes: big and tiny. Graphite, Sapphire, and Light Silver believe to be available in the big size.

Graphite, Light Silver, and Pink Gold color choices plan for the compact size. The heart is the codename for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

According to a prior report, the Galaxy Watch 5 series already found in the Samsung Health beta (v6.22.0.069). However, the health-tracking app also alleged incompatible with the Classic edition.

The smartwatch believe to look identical to its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4, in terms of appearance.

According to another claim, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro would be devoid of the distinctive rotating bezels that let users manipulate apps and menus.

Samsung has yet to disclose the smartphone’s release date, availability, or specs, but given the current leak regarding the Galaxy Watch 5 series’ colors and sizes, it’s likely to arrive soon.

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