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OPPO introduces its latest AI technology to create Animated Digital Avatars



OPPO introduces its latest AI technology to create Animated Digital Avatars

OPPO, a rapidly expanding Chinese technology company, has introduced its Structured Local Radiance Fields for Human Avatar Modeling.

This is a development in OPPO AI technology. It is an AI-driven technique that uses a few phones to generate animated digital avatars.

The new OPPO AI technology excels in modeling skeletal mobility and learning the look of loose clothing. As a result, people may live an eternal digital existence thanks to the latest OPPO technology.

The new OPPO AI model can automatically create 3D animated digital avatars by examining RGB data. The quick, easy, accessible, dynamic, sophisticated avatars from OPPO’s unique AI model. The OPPO Digital Avatar Lab primarily used the Find 5 Pro to gather information on the human body for this project. The 3D human model is created automatically by AI after examining RGB footage. Traditional techniques’ faults in reconstruction are eliminated by this method.

A professional dancer’s skeleton is employed in the process of predetermined nodes to build a collection of organized radiance fields. As a result, lifelike avatars and a more realistic virtual impression are produced. The avatar may pick up new dancing movements and eventually include more interactive experiences. The technology employs neural networks to create a fresh, lively persona within a few hours.

According to OPPO, the future of the digital world is the new Human Avatar Modeling, which will free individuals from constraints and enable them to express themselves. The new OPPO proprietary AI technology has a wide range of ramifications. Applications for game creation and AR/VR are included.

According to OPPO, it wants to use technology to inspire the world by enabling previously unimaginable experiences and creativity. Its technologies have been used in communication, entertainment, and fashion.