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Apple may develop a second-generation AirTag model, Continue to Gain Ground



Apple may develop a second-generation AirTag model Continue to Gain Ground

Despite its contentious use, Apple’s Bluetooth-tracking gadget AirTag has succeeded commercially. According to a recent estimate, Apple has sent millions of AirTags, which is steadily increasing. 

If things continue in this direction, the Cupertino behemoth may soon release the device’s second generation. Take a look at the information down below!

Second-Generation AirTag May Soon Arrive

AirTag sales have progressively climbed since the gadget was introduced in the market, according to reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to the analyst, Apple is expected to ship around 20 million AirTag devices in 2021 and about 35 million units in 2022.

Last year, after considerable anticipation, Apple introduced its Tile rival in the shape of AirTag. Although the gadget received a lot of flak for its privacy-invading capabilities, Apple responded by adding anti-stalking tools to iOS and even a unique Android app to identify and deactivate unwanted AirTags.

Furthermore, according to Kuo, if AirTag sales continue to expand at this rate, Apple may begin development on the second generation AirTag shortly. You may see Kuo’s most recent tweet on the study linked below.

It’s worth noting that no proof, leaks, or speculations about a second-generation AirTag have surfaced as of yet. As a result, information regarding it is now scant. 

Furthermore, there is no word on whether Apple intends to release a second-generation AirTag. If it does, there isn’t any information on a debut date.

If Apple does decide to produce a new AirTag, we anticipate the firm to enhance the device’s Bluetooth and privacy capabilities. 

The gadget might be redesigned so customers can connect it to their possible things without needing an extra attachment. So, if you’re interested, keep an eye out for further information. Also, let us know what you think in the comments section below.