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Destiny 2 is making significant changes to its PvP sandbox



Destiny 2 is making significant changes to its PvP sandbox

In Destiny 2, players fight against brutal enemies and create their own paths. Change is always happening. 

Bungie, the creator of this sci-fi shooting game, is making significant changes to the PvP experience. These changes will affect every player. 

Weapons, abilities, and more will be different. Prepare for an exciting new era of combat where strategy and skill are most important.

Enhancing Player Resilience

Destiny 2’s next update will change player health in the base Crucible. Players will have 30 more HP, making them stronger and better able to survive attacks from enemies. 

This change will make combat more exciting and last longer.

Cooldown Conundrum Resolved

Strategic depth in Destiny 2’s Crucible is enhanced by using abilities wisely. But there’s a problem with ability cooldowns that affects gameplay. 

Bungie has added a 15-second penalty to melee, grenade, and class ability cooldowns in Crucible to fix this. Super cooldowns also have a 20-second penalty. 

This makes players think more carefully about when to use their abilities and makes tactical decision-making more critical.

Precision Redefined: Primary Weapon Overhaul

Guardian weapons in Destiny 2 will be improved in the next update. Pulse Rifles, Auto Rifles, Sidearms, and Scout Rifles will do more damage when hitting critical areas, making them more effective in battle. 

Hand Cannons, known for their accuracy, will also be improved with a 10% increase in critical hit damage and less damage when hitting non-critical areas. The update will also make combat more consistent and immersive by reducing flinching.

Revolutionizing Special Ammo Economy

The debate over Special Ammo distribution in Destiny 2 PvP has caused a lot of arguments and disagreements. Bungie has come up with a new system to solve this problem.

Instead of waiting for respawns, players can now earn a Special Ammo by getting kills, assists, and capturing control zones. This new scoring system gives players more control over their ammo and makes the game more exciting.

Unveiling Exotic Artifacts: A Tactical Renaissance

In Destiny 2’s latest update, exotic weapons are being carefully reviewed. Each gun, like the Fighting Lion and Devil’s Ruin, is being adjusted to ensure they are balanced in the Crucible. 

These changes will make the game fairer and more enjoyable for everyone.


Destiny 2’s upcoming update is a significant moment for Crucible PvP. Bungie is working hard to redefine competitive combat by introducing new ideas and making improvements. 

Guardians are preparing for the intense crucible experience, which expected to be the best.