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Bungie disabled Destiny 2 texting due to a glitch.



Bungie disabled Destiny 2 texting due to a glitch

Bungie disabled Destiny 2 texting due to a glitch: As a result of a game-breaking problem, text chat was temporarily disabled in Destiny 2 by developer Bungie. Unfortunately, this suggests that players will have few alternatives for communication going forward.

According to player complaints, a particular copypasta. A lengthy passage of copied and pasted text communicate over the whisper channel, is causing the glitch.

A notification that says, “Could not connect to Destiny 2 servers,” will appear after players who get this message have expelled from the game. Try again after checking your network setup.

This problem first surfaced as recently as yesterday, and many gamers were attempting to protect themselves at the moment. For example, some players recommend manually shutting off whisper channels to prevent fake conversations and avoiding local or team talks.

Several gamers even left their clans when they believed other clan members could be utilizing the exploit.

Bungie decided to shut down text channels shortly after reports of the issue started to circulate. The company tweeted that this move taken across all platforms until they conduct more investigation and work on a long-term cure.

Although Bungie requests that users check back often for updates and is sure to provide one as soon as possible. It is still unknown how long it will take to have the required patch ready.

The discovery that Bungie is suing streamer MiffysWorld due to numerous cheating, abuse, and threats led the broadcaster to switch between at least 13 different identities. This is the latest security flaw in Destiny 2.