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Fan converts Destiny 2’s firearms into “beautiful anime girls”



Fan converts Destiny 2’s firearms:  The community for Destiny 2 is very creative. But that’s certainly expect from one of the top free-to-play games available.

There is a lot of meta-fun to had with the shooter, from creating Guardians that resemble Skeletor to fan theories about raid monsters. One inventive player has already transformed the game’s iconic weapons into “pretty anime chicks.”

Fancymancer, a Reddit member, began the conversation with a topic: “What if I illustrated Destiny 2 weaponry as lovely anime chicks?

That would be absurd, so why would anyone—oh, wait, that would be me? Many types of fan art exist, and Fancymancer understands that it might ridiculous to anthropomorphize weaponry.

Thorn and Lumina’s hand cannons are the recipients of their first two inventions in that thread. Their depictions of a towering, white-haired warrior with yellow highlights and a more minor. Hoodie-clad brother with green accents nearly resemble twins.

A few days later, Fancymancer returned with a version of Telesto, a fusion gun known for breaking in beautifully. This artwork, which is fit for a meme, features a young woman with sparkly purple hair who would get along splendidly with D.Va from Overwatch.

Even a second variation of Telesto’s face was provided to us by Fancymancer in response to yet another problem brought on by her namesake.

Watching what Fancymancer draws next will be intriguing. The hand cannon that just introduce to Destiny 2 as Something New may compare to a polished paladin wearing gleaming blue and white armor. However, destiny 2 has a ton of weaponry.
Fan art opportunities also exist for other weapons like swords and glaives.

In terms of Destiny 2’s future, the 2022 presentation airs on Tuesday, August 23. That will provide a preview of the next game expansion, Lightfall.

A new raid will begin three days after the presentation, and Season 18 will introduce skill-based matching to the game.

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