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How To Use The Autocannon In Helldivers 2



Use The Autocannon In Helldivers 2

Are you tired of losing to aliens in Helldivers 2? Don’t worry. We have a powerful weapon called the Autocannon that will scare your enemies. 

With some tips, you can use this weapon to cause much damage. Get ready to learn how to operate the Autocannon effectively and defeat your enemies with our guide!

Unleashing the Power of the Autocannon

The Autocannon is extremely powerful and can destroy armored enemies. It is the best option when facing tough opponents. 

But using it effectively requires more than just power. It needs coordination, precision, and strategic thinking.

Coordinated Assaults for Maximum Impact

Using the Autocannon requires teamwork. Squad members must work together to coordinate their actions. 

First, choose a spotter to find important targets and plan when to shoot. Good communication is crucial to make each shot count and have the most significant effect on the battlefield.

Stability Amidst Chaos

During combat, staying stable to aim accurately with the Autocannon is essential, whether crouching or lying down; a stable position is crucial for precise targeting. 

Predict the weapon’s recoil, adjust your stance to reduce its impact, and keep your aim steady. Remember, staying calm is very important during a battle.

Maximizing Efficiency: Reload Management and Target Selection

The Autocannon is very powerful but can only shoot a limited number of times. You must manage your reloads and prioritize your targets to use them effectively.

Reload Management: A Strategic Imperative

You have limited reloads, so use each shot wisely to be efficient. Keep track of your remaining ammo and strategically plan when to reload to keep shooting without interruption. 

Work with your squad to quickly get supply drops, replenishing your weapons and allowing you to keep putting pressure on the enemy.

Target Selection: Precision Over Proliferation

It can be tempting to use the Autocannon without thinking during a battle. But it’s essential to choose targets carefully. 

Focus on essential targets like well-protected enemies or groups of enemies. This way, you can make the most of the weapon while saving ammunition for crucial moments.


In Helldivers 2, mastering the Autocannon is essential for success. It shows skill, coordination, and strategy. By working together, managing reloads, and choosing targets wisely, you can use this powerful weapon to win battles. 

Learn and practice to come out victorious in the chaos of war.