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The new launch trailer for Helldivers 2 still needs to include mechs



The new launch trailer for Helldivers 2 still needs to include mechs

In the big world of video games, many players love the giant robots called mechs. These powerful machines make games more exciting and keep players interested. 

But, to the surprise of many, the new trailer for Helldivers 2 has release without any sign of these robots.

The Absence of Mechs: A Concerning Void

People are surprised that Helldivers 2 doesn’t have mechs. In the first game, mechs were strong and made the game more exciting and strategic.

The new trailer is intriguing, but it doesn’t show any of these famous robot soldiers.

Nostalgia and the Lost Potential

As an experienced Helldivers player, I fondly remember fighting giant alien bugs in mechs. Games like the Lost Planet series highlighted the excitement of controlling these machines in thrilling co-op fights. 

So, why isn’t this popular feature included in the sequel?

Small Robots and Tanks: A Glimpse of Possibility

The trailer shows more miniature robots and tanks, suggesting possible machine warfare. But, the missing famous mechs from the original Helldivers make fans unsure and excited for a clear answer.

The Impact of Gameplay Perspective Shift

Changing from a top-down to a third-person view in Helldivers 2 could be why there are no mechs. This change makes the game more engaging but makes us wonder if mechs fit in with the new way the game played.

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The Wait for Revelation

The Helldivers community is excitedly waiting to see if mechs will include in Helldivers 2. Their reaction to this critical feature will significantly influence how the game is received.


The success of a game can depend on specific features. Helldivers 2, known for its exciting gameplay, could attract many players. 

However, people are wondering if it will include mechs. As everyone waits for the game’s release, it’s unclear if Helldivers 2 will feature mechanized warfare.