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Defeating Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2



Defeating Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2

This guide will help you beat Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2. You must target their weak spots and work with your team to remove them. Prepare, arm yourself, and prepare for the tough fight ahead as we reveal how to defeat Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2.

Understanding the Threat: Shredders vs. Annihilators

Before fighting, it’s essential to know the specific traits of each type of automation. Shredders and Annihilators may look alike but need different strategies to defeat them.

  • Shredders

Shredders are good at shooting from far away, firing many powerful shots. Their strong armor makes it hard for them to hurt with regular weapons, making them challenging for Helldivers to beat. But every enemy has a weakness; finding it is the way to win.

  • Annihilators

Annihilators are great at fighting up close and can be dangerous to players who aren’t ready. They have strong melee attacks and are tough, making them a big challenge for teams. It’s essential to act fast and decisively when facing these powerful robots.

Essential Strategies for Success

  • Team Coordination

In Helldivers 2, working together is critical. When your team communicates well and plays to each other’s strengths, you can win against formidable enemies better.

  • Tactical Loadout

To defeat Automaton tanks, it is essential to have the right weapons. Regular weapons might not work because the tanks have strong armor. You will need special equipment to take them down. Consider equipping:

  • Autocannon: A potent anti-tank gun capable of dealing significant damage to Shredders.
  • Expendable Anti-Tank: Ideal for targeting weak points and exploiting vulnerabilities in enemy armor.
  • Spear and Railgun: Late-game weapons that offer additional firepower against formidable adversaries.
  • Strategic Deployment

Use strategic tactics to gain an advantage in battle. Orbital strikes and Eagle strikes can cause continuous damage to individual targets, which is excellent for weakening Automaton tanks. Also, deploying rocket or autocannon sensors can support and divert enemy attention, enabling strategic movements.


In Helldivers 2, winning means being flexible and ready to face challenges. Learn about Automaton tanks, work with your team, and use intelligent tactics and gear to beat formidable enemies. Get ready and stay strong to save Super Earth.