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YouTube Music adds media recommendations for Android 12 Reporting



YouTube Music adds media recommendations for Android 12 Reporting:  According to reports, YouTube Music has begun rolling out support for Android 12’s media recommendations feature. Which displays the most current playlists and albums and allows users to start music listening right away.

According to the report, the new update would display three recently played tracks for users in the compact card. While six songs shown when fast settings open.

It also claim that the tiny card appears after locking the smartphone. In addition, the YouTube Music notification bar includes a track shuffle option and a link for users’ offline mixtapes.

A tip from 9To5Google claims that YouTube has just begun distributing an upgrade for YouTube Music that supports media recommendations for Android 12.

After a user connects an audio device through Bluetooth. Such as headphones or speakers, media suggestions are reportedly supposed to start surfacing with the new update instantly.

YouTube Music adds media recommendations for Android 12 Reporting

According to the source, while the notification card is compact. The YouTube Music application symbol and name will display in the top-left area. Along with three recently played songs in the right corner.

Opening fast settings, on the other hand, displays six recently played music. According to the claim, the tiny card may also see on the smartphone’s lock screen.

With a simple swipe, users may start the song playing in the background on the YouTube Music application. Which will also display them. The report also included Now Playing controls. However, the replay suggestions will reportedly only show briefly before users must swipe to access them once again.

According to reports, these suggestions will show up after playback controls and begin playing a new tune. In addition, a shuffle button and a shortcut to launch a downloaded offline mixtape will also show on the notification board, according to the report.

Users may remove the recommendations from the YouTube Music notification bar by going to Settings > Sound & Vibration > Media > turning off Show Media Recommendations.

Some Spotify customers have already noticed that the new YouTube Music upgrade is supposedly more widely available for Google’s streaming service than in the past. In addition, according to the source, Android 13 will display the notification card at full height.

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