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Google Cars to Get YouTube, Other Video Streaming Apps Soon



Google Cars to Get YouTube, Other Video Streaming Apps Soon

According to Google, Android Auto, the platform that lets drivers access music, video, and navigation applications on vehicle infotainment system displays and automobiles with Google built-in, will gain a slew of new capabilities later this year.

A redesigned user interface is included in Android Auto, and the capability for recommended replies is based on Google Assistant’s contextual recommendations. In the following months, customers who own automobiles with Google built-in will be able to view films using the YouTube app.

Android Auto will receive a new user interface, according to Google’s statement at I/O 2022, that would effectively integrate all of the significant capabilities that drivers prioritize in their vehicles — navigation, media, and communication — on a single screen.

According to Google, this update will contribute to a safer driving experience. Maps, media players, and communications applications will all be on the same page with the new appearance, which will be available later this summer.

In split-screen mode, the applications will be positioned next to each other. According to Google, the new Android Auto UI design can adjust to various screen widths, including widescreen, portrait, and more.

This eliminates the need to go back to the home screen or navigate through a list of applications to get the desired feature.

In the present situation, returning to the home screen and using another app, such as WhatsApp, to check messages is difficult for someone using Maps for navigation on Android Auto.

The Maps navigation screen is hidden in the background, increasing the possibility of missing a critical turn. The odds of missing a turn while scrolling through other applications would be lowered with navigation and media constantly active.

In the case of the second capability, Google seems to have discovered a method to incorporate Google Assistant’s capabilities into Android Auto.

Due to the virtual assistant’s contextual recommendations, drivers may now pick suggested answers to messages, share arrival timings with a buddy, and even play recommended music more effectively in the vehicle. This capability will be provided in addition to the existing voice reply capabilities.

In the following months, Google plans to roll out two new features for automobiles that have Google built-in. Google said new video streaming applications, such as Tubi and Epix Now, would join the queue, building on its recent promise of delivering YouTube to vehicles with Google built-in.

This will make it easier for drivers to view videos on their car’s display. Although the specifics are unknown, drivers will be allowed to view movies only when their vehicles are parked rather than while driving.

The second advantage for vehicles with Google built-in is that it allows drivers to surf the web straight from their car display and cast material from their cellphones to their car screen.