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YouTube Music adds new features and changes the radio algorithm to show more artists.



New features like Family OS and Wear OS Shuffle have also been added to YouTube Music. The radio algorithm has been changed to show more artists on the radio. In February and March, YouTube Music will get a lot of new things from Google.

With the recent changes, if you choose a song from the search results, only that song will play. YouTube Music has moved Family listening to a new family shelf. The Listen Again shelf on YouTube Music will no longer show the same songs.

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The YouTube Music Wear OS app lets you play all of your downloaded music in a shuffling way. According to a recent report, YouTube is also said to be working on improving how podcasts are added to its platform.

Google has a list of things they will do to YouTube Music in February and March. The new items are part of that list. The team says that Song Radio playlists on YouTube Music have been “diversified” by adding more artists.

YouTube Music has changed the “back-end logic” that chooses which songs appear in the playlists. When you search for a song, you can now only play that song, not a radio station that plays other songs. You can still turn on Autoplay from the list of things that will happen next.

YouTube Music has also put Family listening on a new shelf for the whole family to use. The family shelf has a playlist called “Family Mix” and other playlists.

In addition, the Listen Again shelf on YouTube Music for smart TVs and gaming consoles will no longer show the same songs. The Listen Again shelf will now show a lot more results.

A new feature has been added to the YouTube Music app for Wear OS. You can now shuffle play all the music you have downloaded instead of only being able to play it in a certain order or play it in a certain playlist.

A recent report also said that YouTube appears to be planning to take on the big players in the podcast space, like Apple and Spotify, by making its podcast apps. An 84-page document is said to have been leaked.

It is said to show the company’s plan for the next few years. The document is thought to be for people who make podcasts. According to this leaked document, YouTube plans to improve how podcasts are added to its platform. There is also supposed to be a new podcast homepage that looks a lot like the one on YouTube.

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