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Twitter for Android Is Supposedly Working on Mixed Media Tweets; There Are Several New Features



Twitter for Android is said to be working on many new things, including the ability to add both pictures and videos to the same tweet at the same time. Statuses, Awards, and pronouns page are some of the things still being worked on. Earlier this month, a report said that Twitter is testing a new feature called Twitter Circle. Users can choose a group of 150 people with whom they want to share their tweets. Add an “edit” button to the microblogging platform; it was also said.

People who follow 9to5Google say that a new update to Twitter for Android has suggested that there are a lot of new features in the works. Some of the new features that Twitter is working on, like Statuses, were found by a 9to5Google contributor. Adding status to tweets is one of the things this feature will do. It is also supposed to show status on a user’s profile page.

Twitter is also said to be working on a feature called Awards. When Roussel looked at the tweet, he found a button that lets people give it an award. Tweets will also show how many awards they have won. Separately, Join and Discover buttons were found, which were thought to be for people to find their profiles and tweets. One more thing that Twitter is said to be working on is a page that lists pronouns.

It also looks like the microblogging platform makes it possible to tweet both a picture and a video in the same tweet. As of now, tweets with media can only have one picture or one video. You can’t tweet photos and videos simultaneously, and there is no way to do that. There’s been a lot of talk about how Twitter will change things up. Users will be able to add up to four pieces of media, which can be either photos or videos, to a tweet.

A new feature called Twitter Circle is also being tested by Twitter this week. Users can choose a group of 150 people with whom they want to share their tweets. People can now choose who sees their stories on Twitter. This is similar to Instagram’s Close Friends feature, which lets people choose who sees their stories.

It is also said that the social network platform is planning to add a way to change things on the site in the future. A tipster has shared some alleged images showing different parts of this feature. The tipster has shown many unfinished options like “Edit History,” but they aren’t ready. The iOS and Android versions are likely to look the same. Until now, Twitter has not officially said that this feature is coming.