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OnePlus teased OxygenOS 13 on Twitter



OnePlus teased OxygenOS 13 on Twitter

OnePlus teased OxygenOS 13 on Twitter: A public discussion with 16 participants was conducted by OnePlus through an Open Ear Forums discussion roughly four months ago (OEF).

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer concentrated mostly on the impending OxygenOS 13 upgrade to get a broad idea of what users are hoping for from the new OS version.

However, nothing particular was made public after the meeting since the NDA covered all the participants may have seen. The good news is that OnePlus’ follow-up suggestions gave us a sneak peek at some possible improvements we may expect.

A very short teaser video that OnePlus shared on Twitter at least alluded to recent changes to the lock screen and always-on display.

The movie also has a small written caption that says, “It’s bold, it’s flowing, it’s coming soon,” which may be a clue to the improved system consistency and optimization discussed in the March chat.

The quick teaser begins with many oval shapes representing OxygenOS 13’s overall look. This should result in improved UI consistency and customization.

However, the most visible and perceptible improvements are those that pertain to always-on displays.

AOD now supports a full-featured music player with media controls and a picture of the track’s cover art. However, depending on your audio streaming application, that widget may change.

The Canvas AOD feature from earlier OnePlus phones is then shown; however, it is hard to tell whether there have been any improvements.

At the very end, the Insight AOD, which can display your phone use, date, time, and more, is also shown, but nothing has been added.