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Microsoft Will Soon Introduce Outlook Lite For Android



Microsoft Will Soon Introduce Outlook Lite For Android

Lighter versions of many applications make it possible for them to function on low-end devices and in locations with poor internet access. 

Numerous Google Go applications, Facebook Lite, and other options are on the list. Microsoft is also getting ready to release one, which will be an Outlook for Android “Lite-er” version.

Outlook Lite App is Being Created

An Outlook Lite client for Android is mentioned in a recent update to Microsoft’s plan for Office 365. This would provide the Outlook capabilities crammed into a smaller software size for phones with little RAM. According to reports, the new app will go live this month.

“An Android app that delivers the primary advantages of Outlook in a reduced app size with quick performance for low-end smartphones on any network,” the description states.

The general public will have access to the Outlook Lite app on a worldwide scale. This indicates that a formal announcement will be placed shortly, at which point we may learn more about the app.

However, Microsoft has considered releasing a lighter version of Outlook for Android. According to a study by Dr. Windows, there is already an Outlook Lite program, but it is only available in a few nations. The program has a comprehensive FAQ area and is cited in some Microsoft papers.

The screen discloses that the present version of Outlook Lite only enables single-user logins for personal accounts with Outlook, Hotmail, Live, and MSN. Support for third-party accounts like Gmail is rumored to come at some point. 

In addition, the research notes that Outlook Lite is speedier and roughly equivalent to the main Outlook program for Android in terms of functionality.

With a greater reach and more functionality added, a new version of the Outlook Lite app is likely in the works, according to this newly revised roadmap. 

The exact day when the app becomes official for us is yet unknown. Keep an eye out for updates on this; we’ll keep you informed. 

Also, feel free to comment below with your opinions on the impending Microsoft Outlook Lite app.