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New Pixel Watch Render Reveals Previously Leaked Design



New Pixel Watch Render Reveals Previously Leaked Design

Google has been making headlines repeatedly about its upcoming first-ever smartwatch, which is likely to be called the Pixel Watch and will be the first one ever. As soon as something official comes out, we have a new leaked image that shows us what the Pixel Watch will look like again.

Another Leak of the Pixel Watch Design

Google’s new watch, codenamed “Rohan,” is shown in a leaked image. It looks like the design was revealed before. If the watch is round, it will have a curved screen and an extra digital crown. This is for things like navigation and more to be easy to get to.

The design of the Pixel Watch was also shown in a leaked image that came from Jon Prosser. It is also expected to have a screen with no bezels and many different colours for the band colours. It looks like this is the new Pixel Watch.

Another thing seen in the picture is how the watch will work. This allows you to use a heart rate sensor and keep track of your steps. Even though Apple bought Fitbit, there’s a hint that it will be able to work with Wear OS. As well, it isn’t clear how this integration will work out yet.

Besides that, we don’t have much to say. There are still many things we can expect the Pixel Watch to have, like a SpO2 sensor and next-generation Google Assistant support, as well as more features. For example, the watch could have an Exynos chip instead of one made by Qualcomm.

The new section on Google’s online store for watches makes us think that the company will start making its smartwatch soon. We might learn more at the Google I/O 2022 event next year. 

If we find out about the rumoured Pixel 6a at this time, we might also learn more about it. Let us know in the comments below how you like the leaked Pixel Watch design, and stay tuned for more news.