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Google may have hinted at a Pixel 7 debut in October



Google may have hinted at a Pixel 7 debut in October

There have been many releases in the smartphone industry during the last few days. One significant launch was the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. However, it seems like Google is also not far behind.

The Search Engine juggernaut gave us our first look at the Pixel 7 line of premium smartphones months ago. It did not, however, provide any more information or a debut date.

But lately, it seems that the business may have given us insights about the timing of its potential launch month in a recent tweet. When we look at the tweet, the company published a graphic showing a few different Pixel series devices in a mathematical equation.

The Pixel 3, Pixel 6, Pixel 3, and the original Pixel phone are all seen in the photograph in that sequence. Deleting the Pixel logo and concentrating on the number, we arrive at the equation 3 x 6 – 3 13 x 1.

By resolving this straightforward math issue, we solve 9. Although the firm did not mention what the solution would stand for, it is most likely connected to the Pixel 7 line. Additionally, as October is the ninth month of the year, the number nine might indicate the smartphone’s debut.

We previously highlighted a different rumour that said the Pixel 7 series would debut on October 9 and go on sale starting on or around October 13.

Therefore, it seems that the official teaser agrees with our earlier information. Remember that as of right now, this is still just a rumour, so take it with a grain of salt and check back for additional information.