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How To Duel in Elden Ring (Etiquette Guide)



Duel in Elden Ring

Duel in Elden Ring: Are you disappointed by the lack of respect between players during duel matches at Elden Ring? I am too. If you’ve ever played in the Soul series, you’ll be aware of the various rules for PVP matches. 

These rules serve to protect against savagery and to adhere to the Knight’s Code Of Honor. While certain players adhere to these not explicitly stated rules, some players do not. 

We’ve put together a few rules adhered to and observed in the Souls group in the article on how to duke it out in the Elden Ring.

How to Duel in Elden Ring (Etiquette to Follow)

Below are the unspoken duelling etiquettes:

Distinction Between Duels and Invasions

Before you begin the duel, make sure that the opponent you’re up against is up to the contest. If the players you are facing are novices who don’t know about duelling rules, they could be able to attack as soon as you step into their world. 

Therefore, you must always decide if the fight will be a duel or an invasion. Because PvP matches are about the possibility of being invaded or invading another gamer’s realm, you are in greater control over when you intrude.

Let the Enemy Buff

Do you want to take on an injured or insufficient construction in a duel? I would say not. It will be an unfair contest since the opponent is not performing at their highest level. It is possible to allow the opponent to finish his build using all buffs. Furthermore, you can boost yourself too.

Wave or Bow to Acknowledge

If the duel is decided to be a contest, you may use any of the gestures included in emotive. While bowing is thought to be the most modest, it can be risky. 

Since the emote is some time to complete, unlike the wave’s emotes, the other player could begin to attack you. It is recommended to observe the players’ actions during the duel in these situations. 

Should they bow, it’s secure to bend. You may also stand up and not make any expressions if you respect the opponent in a duel by not engaging the other player.

Do not attack a player using an emoticon.

When I was fighting my first duel, I was the only question I had asked the opponent (before the invader defeated me). It is not logical to fight a player when they use an emote to thank you. You can also attack the person and start the fight after they have done with the gesture.

Allowing FP Flasks

In a duel, if it is not used for healing items, you could use the Flask filled with Cerulean tears because it can only restore the FP, which is fair. Individual duels also permit certain flasks Wondrous Physick that offer buffs for players.

Thou Shalt Not Heal

Although it can be a little difficult, it is the most admired and respected among all. Additionally, it can entice your adversaries to label you a Mega Noob. It’s ok to utilize Crimson Tears in an invasion. However, using them when the duel is in progress is not well-liked by the general public.

The informal etiquettes to Duel match-ups on Elden Ring. If you liked this article, read our detailed guide to the top areas for PvP according to level, the best weapons for PvP and the best PvP build on Elden Ring right here on Lazy Boom.