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How to Drop Weapons, Items, and Trade-In Elden Ring?



Drop Weapons Items and Trade-In Elden Ring

Drop Weapons, Items, and Trade-In Elden Ring: One of the most appealing advantages of Elden Ring is its capability for players to be multiplayer players in competition with others. When playing with other players, you might wish to give gifts and share weapons or other items. 

This guide will guide you through how to trade and drop objects within Elden Ring and the rules set within the game.

How to Drop Weapons & Items for Other Players in Elden Ring

  • If you’re playing the game online with a partner, pause the game by pressing ESC on your keyboard.
  • Click on Inventory.
  • Choose which weapon (or an object) you would like to gift them.
  • Next, choose the LEAVE option to drop the item or weapon.
  • Be sure not to select “Discard selected” because that is precisely what it will do. It could destroy the object you own, and you’ll be unable to retrieve it.
  • After you’ve clicked Leave, select YES on your next screen.
  • All your companion needs to do is take your gun on the ground and put it on the character they want to play. Easy peasy.

Drop Weapons Items and Trade-In Elden Ring

There are some conditions for this to occur seamlessly and smoothly. More on this below.

Condition 1

Check that the weapon’s level is equal to their level of theirs or is at the lower grade. If you want to trade a gun of a different degree than your friend’s most high degree weapon, you will not be able to proceed with the trade. 

Players have to be working towards upgrading their weapons rather than just acquiring the weapons from friends who have gathered the guns. If it meets the requirements, the other player will observe the drop. In other cases, it will remain inaccessible.

Condition 2

It is possible to drop up to eight items onto the floor. When you drop the 9th item, the first item you dropped will be gone. Keep in mind that you may not receive a notification regarding this. Also, you must count the number of weapons you drop and drop things in Elden Ring to trade them.

 As a result, the friend will provide you with other gear to align with the rules and restrictions set by the creators.

What are the things that could be traded or gifted for Elden Ring?

Players can trade weapons, armour, consumable runes, armour, Ashes of War, Talismans Consumable items, and crafting materials. It is important to note that if there’s an intruder in your world and you drop some things, they may take them to the host’s location.

 It’s possible to set the password in multiplayer gaming sessions to ensure that you do not get harmed. A Taunter’s Tongue can draw into invaders with no Furled Finger cooperators in the game, and therefore, when trading, you should avoid using this.

What equipment is not able to be exchanged or shared within Elden Ring?

It is impossible to trade essential quest items, such as Keys, Larval Tear, Remembrances Flasks, Great Runes, Golden Seeds Upgrade materials Spells, and Keys. Because trading shouldn’t alter the balance or progress in the game between players, both old and new, it is a great way to keep this.

This is all you have to remember if you’re planning to take weapons and items and then trade them in to Elden Ring. Thank you to Fextralife for providing these details and for the kind commenters on the Reddit article. For more secrets like this, check out the Elden Ring section on Lazy Boom.