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How To Get Seedbed Curse & All Locations in Elden Ring



Get Seedbed Curse & All Locations in Elden Ring

Get Seedbed Curse & All Locations in Elden Ring:  There are five Seedbed Curses that you could discover in Elden Ring. This is an essential item if you intend to finish the Dung Eater questline. If you decide to complete the questline, keep in mind that it will be challenging to find them. 

While the job might be difficult, it’s not complicated. In this article, let’s look over all the places part of Seedbed Curse in Elden Ring and the best way to obtain them.

All Seedbed Curse Locations in Elden Ring

There are five Seedbed Curses that you could discover within Elden Ring. Here are locations where they can be found.

  • Leyndell Seedbed Curse 1
  • Leyndell Seedbed Curse 2
  • Volcano Manor Seedbed Curse 3
  • Haligtree Seedbed Curse 4
  • Haligtree Seedbed Curse 5

Let’s go through them to see if they are all.

Leyndell Seedbed Curse 1

  1. Fast travel up to East Captial Rampart, the East Captial Rampart site of grace.
  2. Go west from the website to the bottom of the stairs.
  3. After that, you’ll be heading towards the southeast and continue straight until you come to an entrance that goes south.
  4. Take the stairs in this room to descend.
  5. Then, head west to the west, and a lift will transport you to the bottom.
  6. Keep straight and ascend the ladder to the right in the first room.
  7. And now, climb up the steps to the room.
  8. If you enter the room, you will see an individual sitting on a chair.
  9. Pillage is still present in this body, and you’ll be rewarded with an experience known as the Seedbed Curse.

Leyndell Seedbed Curse 2

  1. Fast travel towards The West Captial Rampart site of grace.
  2. Continue south and pass the steps that lead.
  3. In the next step, you could slide down the ledge on your right. If you leaped from the correct position, you will find a body you could take to your left.
  4. Then, go straight the toward the southwest. To the left, you’ll notice an up-sloped tree. Do not go to the roof. Please do not bother with it and instead climb on the roofs to your right.
  5. Once you’re on these roofs, turn around and look for the door to your left. It should point toward the north.
  6. Keep moving to the west inside this area.
  7. When you get to the final point, turn left, and you’ll be in a room similar to that of the Roundtable hold.
  8. Start north from here and then to the east in another room.
  9. Continue straight, and on the other side, you’ll see a person’s body on an armchair. Douse it and take it the Seedbed Curse.

Volcano Manor Seedbed Curse 3 How to get them

  1. Fast travel towards The Temple of Eiglay, site of grace.
  2. Take a right off the website and take the lift to ascend.
  3. When you are up, take a straight route and follow the natural way until you see the volcano’s crater. Then, jump onto the balcony then fall to earth. The direction you should take is northeast.
  4. If you follow the ground and then head to the east, You should see two things to pick up on the floor.
  5. After that, take a left and sink to the ground, heading north.
  6. Continue to follow the natural route and continue up.
  7. Then, turn left and proceed to the westWhen you are at the wall, turn right and then straight.
  8. To your left side, there is an entrance to the window. Go inside.
  9. Then turn west, unlock the door, walk straight, and go up the steps to the right.
  10. Head to the north, then at the corner, make a right turn, and unlock the door when you are there. There are the Man-Serpent Ashes here.
  11. Take the stairs up and walk towards the room that has the white fog.
  12. Use the keyword here, and then head inside.
  13. Once you are in, jump down the platforms until you make it to the bottom of the section.
  14. When you can reach down, turn around, and you’ll find that Seedbed curse on the chair’s body at the end of the room. It is recommended to head southwest.

Haligtree Seedbed Curse 4

  1. Fast travel on the Prayer Room site of grace.
  2. Make a left from the website, continue straight, and take the stairs down once.
  3. When you are at the end, you can turn left and then jump onto the tilted platform.
  4. Drop down and jump in the left-hand area, and you’re in the right spot when you see candles and the Scarab.
  5. Jump straight, then go straight onto the tilted platform and ascend.
  6. Turn left and continue straight, and you’ll find The Seedbed curse on the body.

Haligtree Seedbed Curse 5 – Seedbed Curse Locations in Elden Ring

  1. Fast travel on the Prayer Room site of grace.
  2. Once more, take one of the lefts from the site and continue straight, but this time you’ll be going down the steps to the bottom.
  3. Don’t go into the room. Instead, take a left turn and leap onto the platform that is tilted near the room’s exit.
  4. Jump down again, and to your left side, you’ll see steps heading down. Follow this route.
  5. Make two right turns, and you’ll see the last Seedbed Curse on the body, near the Jars.

We are grateful for Gamerpillar and Gamerpillar on YouTube for these destinations. If you find yourself lost and require assistance, you must also watch this video.

This is the conclusion of this guide about all locations of the seedbed curse and how to find them in Elden Ring. If you enjoy playing this game, read the other guides we have for games like this in the Elden Ring guide section.