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Amazon now lets buyers virtually try on shoes.



Amazon now lets buyers virtually try on shoes

Amazon now lets buyers virtually try on shoes:  Buy shoes online? Amazon now has a virtual try-on shoe function. The interactive process lets consumers see shoes from all angles.

This would enable people to choose shoes at home or on the move. In addition, the US and Canadian buyers may use Amazon Virtual Try-On sneakers.

Users may go to the Amazon app for iOS, hit the “Virtual Try-On” button underneath the product picture, and aim their phone’s camera at their feet to see how the shoes appear.

Customers may move their feet to view shoes from all angles. Users may alter the color of chosen shoes without leaving the app. Likewise, you can change shoe color without removing or trying on virtual shoes.

Users may snap a picture of their virtual shoe and post it on social media.

Amazon Fashion’s president, Muge Erdirik Dogan, wants to make online fashion purchasing more straightforward and enjoyable.

“We’re delighted to debut Virtual Try-On for Shoes so consumers can try on hundreds of styles from brands they love anywhere. In addition, we’ll use user comments to improve the site and add additional brands and designs.

Virtual try-on for shoes will also help firms highlight their items and make buying more participatory.

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