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You can’t use call recording apps on Android phones. Here’s why.



Google will start enforcing a new rule that will force all third-party apps that record calls to be removed from the Play Store. By default, the Android 10 operating system doesn’t allow you to record phone calls.

Reports from the media say that Google’s new policy will affect May 11. Google will stop third-party apps from using the Accessibility API, which is used to record the call audio stream.

Google said that the Accessibility API is not meant to be used to record audio from a remote phone call. Many people say that the new changes will be better for their privacy and security.

People who use Android will still be able to record calls with built-in apps. These apps can keep using the Accessibility API, which helps people record their phone calls. Google will let them keep doing this.

For example, Pixel and Xiaomi phones will still let their customers record calls with their dialers. However, users won’t be able to use third-party apps that have recording features.

According to a report by Android Authority, Google sees the feature in Pixel and Xiaomi phones as a built-in call recording feature.

If the app is the default dialer on the phone and comes pre-loaded, it doesn’t matter if the person can listen to the incoming audio stream. Added the presenter: “It will not be in breach.”

The privacy and security of users have been a concern for several call recording apps in the past. There was a “Call Recorder” app that TechCrunch reported on in March 2021. TechCrunch said that thousands of conversations were made public by the app.