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The top Hitman game will be available on Nintendo Switch this month



The top Hitman game will be available on Nintendo Switch this month

Prepare to play as Agent 47, the most dangerous digital killer coming to Nintendo Switch this month! In a time where engaging games and cross-platform play are popular, the Hitman series has always kept us interested with its creative gameplay and exciting stories. 

Now, get ready for more thrilling action as the top game from this well-loved series arrives on your preferred handheld console.

The Essence of Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal

Unforgettable Levels

Reprisal keeps the original game’s core, providing all 12 memorable levels from Hitman: Blood Money. From the lavish scenes in A Vintage Year to the rough disorder in A Dance with the Devil, each level is a carefully crafted playground for the skilled assassin.

New Features Unleashed

Start your killer journey with new skills and tools. The new Instinct Mode, a constant minimap, and improvements from the latest Hitman 3, take the game to a new level. 

Dive into a world where planning and being discreet are crucial for success.

Visual Splendor and Nostalgia

Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal keeps its original look, which is both attractive and nostalgic. It successfully blends elements from its 2006 origin with current gaming trends. 

Despite being almost 20 years old, the game still looks good, showing the enduring quality of its initial design.

Pricing and Pre-Order Perks

People are excited for the game’s release, which will cost $29.99 on the first day. But savvy gamers can pre-order it and get a 15% discount. 

This small cost is worth it for the improved experience that Reprisal promises. It’s a great deal for both fans and new players.

Hitman’s Resurgence on Nintendo Switch

A Long-Awaited Arrival

The gaming world is a whole of Hitman games, but there has been none for the Nintendo Switch until now. Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal is now available for Switch users. 

This lets players enjoy the classic Hitman game on their portable Nintendo Switch.


Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal is a popular game in the classic series. It mixes old and new features, providing an exciting experience for experienced players and beginners. 

As we approach January 25, 2024, everyone eagerly awaits this game’s availability on Nintendo Switch. Get ready for an exciting adventure with Hitman: Blood Money – Reprisal on Nintendo Switch, taking portable gaming to a new level.