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A Pokemon fan-made a Dynamax animation of Pikachu.



A Pokemon fan-made a Dynamax animation of Pikachu

A Pokemon fan-made a Dynamax animation of Pikachu:  When Pokemon Sword and Shield came out in 2019, it had new Dynamax forms. The Mega Evolutions in Pokemon X and Y didn’t work, so these use instead. That way, players could make one of their characters stronger to change the outcome of a fight.

Dynamax forms are only available in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Max Raids and Stadium battle. Most of the monsters in the game can take on this form. This isn’t like Mega Evolutions, which had a limited number of options. When this is turned on, they become more prominent and significantly boost their stats.

Some Pokemon went one step further and changed into a Gigantamax form, which altered the monster’s appearance. It was hard for people to see how it worked because Sword and Shield only shows one trainer throwing a bigger Pokeball into the arena, not a complete evolution process.

Somebody named Its Amio has changed this, and they’ve shown how they think Pikachu looks when they take their Dynamax form outside of the battle arena. The animation shows the series mascot getting bigger and bigger until he stands in a vast pose like in Pokemon Sword and Shield, a short clip.

A cute art style shows Amio’s Pikachu taking on a new form in a puff of smoke. Then changing into its significant form. The Dynamax Pokemon comes with a massive storm cloud on its tail that looks like lightning. Its Amio is getting a lot of attention for their post. There is a lot of praise for the art style and cuteness of Pikachu’s original and significant forms.

If you play any of the original Pokemon Red and Green games, you’ll always see the Pokemon named Pikachu. This is because Pikachu has always been a part of the Pokedex. When Pokemon first came out, the electric mouse was in every game.

By 1998, the electric mouse even had its spin-off, Pokemon Yellow. Pocket monsters follow their trainers on screen in this game. They show how they feel about the player. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pikachu can take on both Dynamax and Gigantamax forms. The Gigantamax form brings back Pikachu’s original and more rounded shape.

People are waiting to see if Dynamax and Gigantimax fights will back with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet being made for Nintendo Switch. It not yet confirm if a previous battle mechanic will appear or if Game Freak plans an entirely new gimmick.

People who own a Nintendo Switch can expect Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to come out in 2022.