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LEGO Skywalker Saga 100 Percent Reward



LEGO Skywalker Saga 100 Percent Reward:  If you’re a perfectionist and want to complete the game, this is a suitable game for you. LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga comes with an award for players who complete 100% of the challenge. 

Although some games offer special rewards that reward the player for their accomplishment, others don’t recognize the achievement in any way. In this game, it’s the game of an Easter Egg more than a reward. Let’s examine the specifics.

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LEGO Skywalker Saga 100 Percent Reward

To receive this reward, you must first purchase the LEGO Skywalker Saga 100% reward:

  • Visit The Great Temple on Yavin 4 after completing what you can in the game. Then, go to the Throne Room, in which you can be able to see “100%” floating over an unreachable lever.
  • Engage with it to draw it towards you.
  • Surprise! The people around you will begin to clap, and you will flood with unlimited Studs.
  • It’s a lovely little reward to be able to complete the game, especially an epic one like LEGO Skywalker Saga. However, some players are disappointed and say that the unlimited Studs at the moment are not worth their time.
  • OG gamers who have played Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga will be able to recognize this as in the video game Studs similarly emerged from the Golden Fountain, so it’s a cute tiny Easter Egg or callback for those who played.

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In GTA 5, the 100% completion reward included the award available on Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, as well as T-shirts with the word “100%” written on them to honor Franklin as well as a brand-new task, and so on – the reward in Skywalker Saga isn’t as valuable. There were different expectations among players regarding what the final LEGO Skywalker Saga 100% reward should have been. Some desired the possibility of a George Lucas playable character, while others desired an extra level. Whatever the case, the present tip is an excellent method of turning the completeness of the game into a real-life celebration.

What is the time frame to defeat LEGO Skywalker Saga?

The main plot of the game could take anywhere from 13 to finish. When you add the additional missions, you will likely see the time increase from 20 hours to 32. However, for those who want to complete the game, plenty of activities to be done can take up an average of 73 hours of gaming. If you are an avid player of Star Wars, this game will be an enjoyable adventure.

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