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How To Travel Between Continents In Lost Ark?



Travel Between Continents In Lost Ark

Travel Between Continents In Lost Ark:  While we know what it takes to Teleport via Triports, it’s only a fast move from one place to another within the same Continent. However, the map in this game is vast. What is the best way to travel across different continents within Lost Ark? This guide will help you understand the best way to go.

How to travel from one continent to another in the Lost Ark

To travel quickly between continents, it is necessary to use the port that every Continent has. You can take Ferries to the port on the other Continent, paying a cost, and you’ll be there in no time.

The Ferry cost will base on the distance you want to travel. The boat departs every two minutes so that passengers aren’t waiting too long if they miss one.

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How to Use the Ocean Liner in Lost Ark

  • Speak with him, the Legendary Adventurer located in Vern Castle. Go to the bottom right portion of the map to find him.
  • He will explain to you why Ocean Liner works. Ocean Liner is both fast and straightforward. Click “I’d like to know how to use it.”
  • Accept the challenge that comes with 12,000 silver as a reward.
  • In essence, it is that basically, the Ocean Liner will allow you to go to a port you’ve previously visited immediately. If it’s one that you have once used, you can use it via an agent of the Ocean Liner Agent, Riff.
  • Be aware that some ports require specific requirements. For example, there are Rohendel and the South Vern ports, and you have to go there after completing the quests, which link to their unlocking process. Additionally, players can travel to specific islands during events. Further, some continents not connect according to the port’s location. There are a few things to consider before embarking on your journey.
  • If you’re looking to leave your Ocean Liner, you can do so through a Riff. Be aware that the Silver you’ve paid for is not refundable.
  • Talk to and find the Riff at north Vern’s Port Krona.
  • Now select a continent from the list which appears, and click Board to board Ocean Liner. Ocean Liner.
  • There is an indicator that indicates the remaining time before you set sail. After a while, you’ll be able to travel across continents with Lost Ark.

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This is the method to move between the continents of Lost Ark. If you’re interested in traveling, be sure to check out how you can make use of the Bifrost to transfer and teleport as well.