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How To Get & Recruit Mojo In Chrono Cross Remaster



Get & Recruit Mojo In Chrono Cross Remaster

Get & Recruit Mojo In Chrono Cross Remaster: Mojo is one of the characters from Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, an ominous voodoo doll sporting three candle candles upon his head. 

Mojo was dead before; however, after a while, his life ends, and he discovers meaning in the world as someone who represents happiness and love. If you’re interested in knowing how to recruit and get Mojo for Chrono Cross Remaster, here’s what you have to do.

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How to Unlock Mojo in Chrono Cross Remaster

  • The first step is to meet with fishers. Go to the Arni Village (Home World) and visit the first Hut (top-right) located on the right.
  • Once you’re inside, go to the basement. That is where you’ll discover fishers.
  • Speak about his and get his Shark Tooth.
  • You must now visit Arni Village (Another World) and go to the same place where you obtained your Shark Tooth. Be sure that you’ve overcome Karsh and Shaker Brothers.
  • When you return to find the man is asking for Mojo, which is a powerful luck charm from the Far East.
  • Inject the dialogues into the room and give him his Shark Tooth. When the conversation is over, start going towards the door and exit the room.
  • Before your departure, Mojo will come alive! He will offer to be a part of your party, and that’s it! Mojo will come to your party.

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Follow this easy procedure to get Mojo to Chrono Cross Remaster. You can benefit from his most valuable ability, Agility. Mojo’s techs include Voodoo dance and Cartwheel, which cause the enemy damage humorously. Additionally, there’s HoodooGooroo, the latter of which permits Mojo to inflict damage on opponents by using the nail punctured in his back.

If this step-by-step guide has helped, Here’s the Chrono Cross Remaster Tier List, which you may like to look over!


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