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Where to Find Hoarfrost Stomp in Elden Ring?



Hoarfrost Stomp in Elden Ring

The Hoarfrost Stomp in Elden Ring is a favorite for broadcasters and speedrunners. As a result, it is often spammed during their runs, and with good reason. 

It’s a viciously powerful skill that has shown to be successful in quickly dispatching many of the game’s most powerful foes. We’ll show you where to look for it in our instructions below.

Where to Find Hoarfrost Stomp in Elden Ring?

As shown above, the Ash of War for the Hoarfrost Stomp skill may be found in a pond southeast of Caria Manor. In this pond, there’s a Teardrop Scarab that’s barely visible. It will drop this Ash of War if you attack the glowing footsteps it produces.

The Icerind Hatchet also comes with the Hoarfrost Stomp as a default talent. Usually, you may find this in the Temple Quarter

It is a tiny group of islands southwest of Raya Lucaria Academy. It is preferable to locate the Ash of War, as players can tie it to any melee weapon.

There’s a reason why this ability is so popular. It deals a massive amount of frost damage in a small area and maybe spammed quickly. 

So much so that, as of the 1.03 patch, From Software decided to weaken this talent effectively.

The adjustments to the skill are considerable, as Firespark81 explains in this video. While the patch notes merely mention a longer cast time and reduced damage, the actual changes appear far more extensive. 

The spread of the frost spikes is slightly slower, even though the cast time is essentially the same.

Furthermore, the word “reduced damage” does not adequately reflect the degree to which the creators reduced the efficacy of this talent. It now only does about half of the damage it did previously. 

The patch notes omitted to mention that the skill now consumes nearly three times as much stamina. Despite these modifications, this is still a valuable ability to have.

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