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How to Find Moonveil Katana in Elden Ring?



Moonveil Katana in Elden Ring: The Moonveil Katana is one of the best weapons for Intelligence builds, making close-range combat a breeze. It is helpful in almost any situation because it can deal with Bleed, Physical, and Magic damage. 

However, you can find it in the western portions of Caelid and can be obtained right at the start of the game.

How to Find Moonveil Katana in Elden Ring?

Gael Tunnel

Players can find the Gael Tunnel by traveling south of the Shack of the Rotting on the path leading out of Limgrave. At the start of the game, adversaries are challenging, and gaining aggro from the bigger foes can instant death. 

However, players can avail themselves of the Moonveil going through the dungeon and fighting the boss inside.

Defeating the Magma Wyrm Boss

This boss can be difficult for most players at an early level. There are, however, practical methods for removing damage quickly. 

Meanwhile, you can find several Glintstone Scraps in the mine. After use, they will cause Magic damage. 

Magma Wyrm is a magic-weak creature in Elden Ring. Therefore, you may attack him with Sorceries of consumable magic items from a distance. 

Staggering, the boss will stop it from spilling lava on the ground and allow you to get a critical hit on it.

Usually, the Moonveil Katana is a perfect choice for any Intelligence built in the game. But remember, it will drop after defeating the Magma Wyrm boss in Elden Ring. 

However, this is everything about finding Moonveil Katana in Elden Ring. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends. 

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