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Google begins global rollout of native call recording for Pixel users



Tech giant Google is rolling out its in-phone recording feature, the Google Phone app call recorder, to Pixel users in more markets around the world.

According to Mashable, the recorder, which launched in the US last year to a select group of users, will finally reach more countries.

The main reason behind the launch, according to Mashable, is legal limitations in some regions where recording calls without the prior consent of the contact is illegal.

The Google Phone application is available in the Google Play store. A report from 9to5Google set that the feature will be rolled out globally “as a server-side upgrade” and that “some people in India already have the feature.”

Mashable cited the 9to5Google report stating that the update will hit “countries with flexible call recording laws, which include a bunch of other countries since only one side of the conversation needs to consent to legally record a call.”

After the feature is released, there will be a new ‘call recording’ subsection that would be available in the app settings, where users could change how quickly they want to automatically delete their recordings or never delete them.