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Discord Invisible Character Name & PFP Guide



Discord Invisible Character Name & PFP Guide

Discord Invisible Character Name & PFP Guide:  Discord, a social network, has numerous features to make communicating between users much more straightforward. But what happens if you wish chaos to break out?

 A hidden person’s name or profile image on Discord will help. If you’re interested in doing this, you’ll be pleased to learn that the procedure is relatively easy. Here’s how to do it.

Invisible Character on Discord for a Hidden Name

The hidden character present in Discord is a unique Unicode symbol ( 1CBC) that Discord doesn’t display, which is why many use the feature to make a personal username.

1cbc Unicode Invisible Character Copy Paste

  • < it’s here.
  • Start Discord and then click the Settings button close to your username on the left-hand side of the display on your computer.
  • Head to User Settings > My Account.
  • Select Edit next to your username. Copy and insert the 1CBC Unicode character.
  • Log in with your password and finish the process.
  • When you send a message on a server, the username will not be visible.

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How do you make your Discord profile Picture (or Avatar) Invisible?

All you require is a transparent PNG image, and if you upload it to your Discord PFP, it will appear invisible to other users.

  • Open up Discord and go to User Settings.
  • Then, click My Account.
  • Got to Edit User Profile.
  • Click on Change Avatar.
  • Upload Invisible.png.
  • Hit Apply and Save Changes.

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Why do people prefer an Invisible Name and Profile Picture?

If you use the invisible characters in your username and then add to it, an invisible avatar could confuse the server—ideal for pranksters who enjoy playing with other users.

 It is possible to make your name of yours disappear and allow your buddies to take it on too. If it happens, the people aren’t in a position to determine who’s writing in the group. There is a blank area in your username and avatar areas, merging you with the background.

For more information about Discord, including the hidden Easter eggs, visit Lazy Boom.

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