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Bloxburg Schools Test Cheat Sheet



Bloxburg Schools Test Cheat Sheet:  Roblox Bloxburg got a new school update, allowing you to take a test and earn an award. But some of the tests like the number of benches in Bloxburg and the holiday elf’s name and the price of meals in Bloxburg as well as the number of people living in Bloxburg etc. seem extremely difficult.

 Don’t worry, and we’ll share the complete Bloxburg School Test Answers Cheat Sheet to help you effortlessly pass and receive the School Trophy. Without further delay, we’ll get straight into the details.

Bloxburg Schools Test Results (Cheat Sheet)

Thanks to a post by Its Alexx, Here are the complete Bloxburg school test answers (Cheatsheet):

  • Calculate 5 8 + 4 1: 1. 1
  • Calculate 6 * 7/ 2 21 — 21
  • What is the depth of Bloxburg cave? – Too deep
  • Is it the Bloxburg highway? – Too long
  • How many benches can be found in Bloxburg? — There are too many
  • Which bricks do you have in the city hall? – 3000
  • What number of food items are on the BFF’s shelves? – 5
  • How many bottles of hair products are on Stylez? – 88
  • How many mailboxes are there in Bloxburg? – 12
  • What is the maximum amount of materials mined from the Bloxburg cave? – 5
  • What number of parking spots are there in the garage? – 82
  • How many planks are there at Lovely Lumber? – 2000

Bloxburg Schools Test Results

  • What species of fish are available by fishing? – 5
  • Are there sprinkles in Ben’s Ice Cream? – 51
  • What number of street lamps are there in Bloxburg? – 51
  • What is the number of trees on the map? — There are too many
  • How much water is there in the river? — Too too
  • How high can Bloxburg? How tall is Bloxburg mountain? – Too tall
  • The word ‘Bloxburg’ is reversed to Grubxolb
  • What is the length of the Ferris wheel on the beach? –
  • Who is this Christmas Elf? Elf – Elf
  • What is the maximum number of treadmills that are in the gym? – 12
  • How many people live in Bloxburg? – 50
  • What is the cost of the Bloxy Meal? – 8
  • What is the cost of changing the oil for an oil change at Mike’s Motors? Free! Free
  • How many planets are the Observatory telescope currently viewing? Moon Moon
  • What year was the year that Bloxburg was released? – 2014

This is all for it is for the Bloxburg School Exam Answers and Cheat Sheet. While you’re on this page, be sure to read more of our posts like Bloxburg house ideas and the Wallpaper ID code.


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