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Complete the Alola Collection Challenge on Pokemon Go



complete the Alola to Alola Collection Challenge on Pokemon Go:  The Season of Alola will close in Pokemon Go on May 31. Alola To Alola is the final event of this season. It celebrates the many Alolan Pokemon which have appeared during the season.

 There will be an opportunity to catch any Pokemon that you missed during the season and a Collection Challenge for you to complete. 

This guide will show you how to catch all the Pokemon required to complete the Alola to Alola Collection Challenge.

All Pokemon to complete Alola to Alola Collection Challenge

These are the Pokemon you will need to catch and find during the Alola To Alola event.

These Pokemon will find in different places, so it is essential to know how to find them quickly and complete the Collection Challenge.

  • Yungoose into Gumshoos
  • Pikipek into Trumbeak
  • Rowlet into Dartrix
  • Torracat evolved from Evolve Litten
  • Evolve Popplio into Brionne
  • Grab a Cubone
  • Take a look at the Alolan Rattata
  • Toucannon and Trumbeak: Evolve Trumbeak

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These Pokemon are available for you to catch in the wild. To increase your chances of finding these Pokemon, you can place incense on the character.

 If you plan to spend a certain amount of time near a PokeStop, you could also place a lure there.

As all the listed Pokemon are found in the wild, it will be easier. Trumbeak is the only one that doesn’t, but it is an evolved form of Pikipek required on the collection list.

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