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Guide for Dialga Raid in Pokemon GO



Guide for Dialga Raid in Pokemon GO

Get ready for an exciting adventure in Pokemon GO with the powerful Dialga joining Raid Battles. Trainers worldwide are preparing for a tough battle against this Dragon and Steel-type Pokemon. 

Dialga has solid stats and unique moves, making it a challenge for skilled trainers. This guide will help you understand Dialga’s strengths and weaknesses and give you tips to win Raid Battles. 

Gather your best Pokemon team and get ready to conquer Dialga in Pokemon GO!

Unveiling Dialga: A Legendary Steel and Dragon-type Behemoth

Dialga is a powerful and tough Steel and Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It has a maximum Combat Power of 4565 and is a 5-star raid boss, making it a big challenge for trainers. 

Dialga has high stats in Attack (275), Defense (211), and Stamina (205), making it strong in battles. Trainers need to work together to have a chance at defeating Dialga in both PvP and PvE battles.

Understanding Weaknesses and Resistances: The Key to Victory

To beat Dialga, we need to know its weak points and strengths. By studying Dialga’s makeup, trainers can choose the right Pokémon with moves that can exploit its weaknesses. This will increase our chances of winning.


  • Fighting-type moves
  • Ground-type moves
  • Bug-type moves
  • Electric-type moves


  • Grass-type moves
  • Poison-type moves
  • Flying-type moves
  • Normal-type moves
  • Psychic-type moves
  • Rock-type moves
  • Steel-type moves
  • Water-type moves

Assembling Your Battle Roster: The Best Dialga Raid Counters

  • With the knowledge of Dialga’s weaknesses, trainers can curate a battle roster of potent counters. Each wielding move is optimized to exploit Dialga’s vulnerabilities. 

Here are some of the most effective Dialga raid counters: 

  • Primal Groudon: Utilizing Mud Shot (Ground-type) and Precipice Blades (Ground-type)
  • Mega Garchomp: Employing Mud Shot (Ground-type) and Earth Power (Ground-type)
  • Terrakion: Unleashing Double Kick (Fighting-type) and Sacred Sword (Fighting-type)
  • Shadow Garchomp: Leveraging Mud Shot (Ground-type) and Earth Power (Ground-type)
  • Mega Blaziken: Harnessing Counter (Fighting-type) and Focus Blast (Fighting-type)
  • Keldeo (Ordinary Forme): Utilizing Low Kick (Fighting-type) and Sacred Sword (Fighting-type)
  • Shadow Machamp: Wielding Counter (Fighting-type) and Dynamic Punch (Fighting-type)
  • Shadow Hariyama: Employing Counter (Fighting-type) and Dynamic Punch (Fighting-type)

Pursuing Shiny Dialga: Maximizing Your Odds

Trainers who want to find a Shiny Dialga should keep trying and plan their raids carefully. While it’s not guaranteed, doing many Dialga raids improves your chances of seeing the rare Shiny version. 

By joining Dialga raids regularly, trainers can increase their chances of getting the sought-after Shiny Dialga, making their Pokemon GO journey more exciting. To succeed in Dialga raids, trainers must plan, work together, and understand Dialga’s strengths and weaknesses.

By using the tips and strategies in this guide, trainers can confidently take on Dialga and achieve great success in the world of Pokemon GO.