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How to Change Villager Jobs in Minecraft



Change Villager Jobs in Minecraft

Change Villager Jobs in Minecraft:  The only way to create a trading marketplace in Minecraft is through 

villagers. Villagers can offer you a wide range of items depending on their job. 

You can buy them with Emeralds or other items relevant to your needs. For example, sometimes Villagers might have a profession you don’t need. You can then change the Villager’s job.

 This is how you can change the job of a Villager in Minecraft.

How to Change Villager Jobs in Minecraft

It is easy to get Villagers to switch jobs. First, you can find out their current job and get an idea of the job block they are using. Next, it is necessary to remove the block or Bed they are tied to. 

They will be a bit mad but not too serious. You can trap them in a narrow area to stop them from running around the room.

Once you’ve placed them in an area that allows you to decide their job, you can place a bed and the job block to determine their next position. 

Once you have successfully unlinked them from their previous items, they will all have green sparkles around their bodies, indicating that they are connected. 

The Villager will immediately change their clothes. Only one Villager can be connected to each Bed or job block.

These are the Villager’s jobs and the blocks that determine them:

  • Armorer – Blast Furnace
  • Butcher – Smoker
  • Cartographer – Cartography Table
  • Cleric – Brewing stand
  • Composter – Farmer
  • Fisherman – Barrel
  • Fletcher – Fletching Table
  • Cauldron Leatherworker
  • Librarian – Lectern
  • Stonecutter – Masons
  • Shepherd – Loom
  • Toolsmith – Smithing Table
  • Weaponsmith – Grindstone

You now have the job as Villager, so you want to take advantage of it. But, first, start trading to get better deals and level up your skills.