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Battlefield Warzone landing bug freezes players



Battlefield Warzone landing bug freezes players

Battlefield Warzone landing bug freezes players: Players of Call of Duty: Warzone have encountered a broad range of game-breaking bugs and glitches during the game’s brief existence. Despite Raven Software’s best efforts, some people keep coming back, much to the community’s chagrin.

Players are still having issues joining matches in Caldera, Rebirth Island, and Fortune’s Keep as emphasis shifts to the start of Season 5.

Currently, a bug is causing players to freeze immediately after entering the game through a parachute. Players eventually exit the game and return to the home screen.

Warzone freezing bug reappears.

Regrettably, Raven Software had to solve this problem since it happened in earlier seasons of Warzone. The update hasn’t prevented “trillions” of Reddit from recording the exact moment the game kicks them off Rebirth Island.

No problems encounter during the opening sequence. But as soon as the player starts looting, the game crashes and claims a “connection fault” is to blame.

Regarding the reappearance of the fixed bug. One commentator tries to be upbeat in the hopes that Warzone 2’s release would lead to fewer issues. “Warzone 2 is coming, and I’m sure it’ll be different then,” said the player.

There is a likelihood that certain ground loot items might be the root of the issue. Which kicks players as they begin to loot. However, it is still uncertain what is causing the problem.

Because Raven Software responds quickly to any significant bugs that affect several players. There is a good likelihood that a remedy will be released soon. It’s good landing in a more tranquil section of the globe in the meantime, just in case you unexpectedly return to the main menu.

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